ALKAGEN FAST – 15 TABS ( 6 Pcs )

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ALKAGEN FAST™ – Refreshing, effervescent formula, and delicious orange taste.

A well-known and proven formula in a new, convenient form and captivating orange flavour.

The ideally selected daily dose in the form of tablets that dissolve in the mouth will enable to quickly and effectively fight the signs of fatigue caused by increasing dehydration and acidification of the body while practicing any kind of endurance sports.

Perfect and fast solubility, as well as convenient packaging, make it the ideal product to take on a long cycling or hiking trip.

The Alkagen Fast tablet is a convenient, precisely measured portion of components necessary in the fight to maintain the proper level of hydration and thus also well-being and high efficiency in physical activity at every sports level.

High quality and complete safety are guaranteed by the manufacturing standards at our pharmaceutical plant.

The product is 100% tested and is does not contain any components that are on the list of the anti-doping agency.

During a strenuous physical workout, the production of lactic acid and other metabolites that reduce an athlete’s capacity is particularly high. That is why a well-composed supplementation should include high-quality products allowing a person to maintain effective aerobic and anaerobic energy production, and as a result developing well-functioning mechanisms preventing the disturbance of the acid-base homeostasis, and allowing for a more efficient workout and faster regeneration.


It is a physiochemical state of the body, in which there is a more-or-less stable proportion between positively (H+ hydrogen cations) and negatively charged (OH- hydroxide anions) ions in the bodily fluids and cells, thus maintaining a physiological pH level of the systemic environment (7,35-7,45) that guarantees an undisturbed course of all metabolic processes. This balance is difficult to maintain especially during intense physical effort, when the lactic acid generated by muscle cells becomes a strong donor of H+ hydrogen cations. In such conditions, a muscle cell’s ability to synthesize the basic energy carrier (ATP), crucial for muscle contraction (1), becomes limited.

Buffer solutions in the blood and tissues are the basic mechanisms for maintaining the body’s pH within physiological limits. These systems are meant to allow excess ions (also base ions) from the place where they are formed (in the cell) to an organ responsible for their elimination, that is the kidneys or the lungs, without risking a change of the pH of the intra- and extracellular fluids (1). The most important buffer maintaining the acid-base homeostasis is the bicarbonate system (HCO3-/H2CO3), which constitutes 70% of the blood’s buffer volume. It is supported by citrates which increase the amount of bicarbonates in the blood, thus increasing its pH value and improving the distribution of charges inside and outside the cells (2). The phosphate buffer also plays a role in maintaining the steady pH level of the body. H+ ions created in the cell are firstly absorbed by the anions of the phosphate and proteinate buffer, and then mostly by HCO3- and hemoglobin.

Additional research (3) shows that supplementation with base ions, like Mg2+, Ca2+, K+, Na+, Zn2+, Cu2+, can neutralize metabolic acidosis caused by improper diet, and help promote bone growth.



The ingredients of Alkagen Fast™ were combined into a synergistic whole, which is meant to:
Secure stable conditions of the intracellular environment and support the mechanisms preventing the decrease in the body’s pH, especially during and after intense workout, as well as resulting from an improper, acidifying diet. Provide the most important buffer substances operating inside the cells, tissues, and the cardiovascular system, complementing each other in binding and transporting acidifying metabolic waste to elimination organs. The effect of appropriate proportions of bicarbonates, citrates and phosphates is additionally enhanced by the presence of alkaline elements

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ALKAGEN FAST - 15 TABS ( 6 Pcs )

AED 178.50