BIG & FIT Health Food Trading was found in 2004 in the city of Abu Dhabi. We are a leading Sports Nutrition Company in the United Arab Emirates, Retailer and Wholesaler of sports nutrition for fitness and bodybuilding athletes is our main business.

BIG & FIT remarkable success in a few years let it stand as one of the leading companies in Nutrition and sports accessories in UAE, we have a reputation to live up to and are committed to offering the best products and service for our customers.

We are the exclusive distributor in UAE for some of the big worldwide nutrition companies such as SCITEC Nutrition, also, we providing Weight Lifting Gloves, Belts, Accessories, and Training equipment as well, we do undertake the quality of our products from the best of Nutrition manufacturer in the world for the entire satisfaction of our valued client bearing in mind the products efficiency, quality and the usage itself.

We are striving hard to maintain speedy dispatches as per the customer’s requirements and time-to-time feedback on their order.


To provide products with the best quality.

To help athletes achieve the results they deserve.

To reach the highest standard products in Nutrition supplements.

To Control the Quality of the Shipping and Storage Condition to guarantee a high level of Supplements Test and Results.

Our Services

  • Home delivery.
  • Nutrition advisor.
  • Retail nutrition supplements.
  • Prepare fresh juices and smoothies.(AL Wahda Branch)
  • Retail training accessories, Gym Equipment and workout clothes.
  • Track our Client performance to support their aim and maintain their diet regime as well.

We Are Dealing With

  • Jazz Music
  • https://www.bigandfit.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/yt5s.com-Happy-Morning-Cafe-Music-Relaxing-Jazz-Bossa-Nova-Music-For-Work-Study-Wake-up-128-kbps.mp3
  • https://www.bigandfit.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/yt5s.com-Happy-Morning-Cafe-Music-Relaxing-Jazz-Bossa-Nova-Music-For-Work-Study-Wake-up-128-kbps.ogg

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