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  • Micellar with casein and whey protein concentrate
  • 4 sources of carbohydrates
  • Added amino acids including BCAA, taurine and beta-alanine
  • Nitric oxide precursor with L-arginine
  • Creapure® with creatine monohydrate
  • Plant extracts and enzymes
  • Added vitamins and minerals

MyoMax Hardcore is back and follows in the footsteps of its ancestor with minimal changes. The weight gainer concept has been kept, but it’s back with a revived formula to make the product even more suitable for your needs.

The protein matrix is made up of two protein fractions found in milk, micellar casein and whey protein. The milk proteins in concentrate form have different absorption times compared to each other due to their different structures. Micellar casein is a colloidal giant molecule with a special structure that results in a slower, prolonged absorption.

The protein content of the product has been enriched with added protein building amino acids in L-configurations that are utilizable by the body:

  • Essential Amino Acids: L-threonine, L-phenylalanine and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA): L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine
  • Conditionally essential amino acids: L-arginine, L-glutamine, L-tyrosine
  • Non-essential amino acids: L-alanine

Essential amino acids cannot be synthesised by the human body, while conditionally essential amino acids cannot be produced in certain cases in the ratio required to meet metabolic needs. Non-essential amino acids can be produced by the human body from their precursors.(1)
In addition to its protein building function, added L-arginine is also a nitric oxide precursor. HMB (hydroxymethylbutyrate) is a metabolite of leucine (2), beta-alanine is a precursor of carnosine, taurine is a non-protein building amino acid also found in the body, and L-carnitine is involved in fatty acid metabolism. Alpha-ketoglutarate is an intermediate molecule in both amino acid metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism, and coenzyme Q10 is also found in the body. (3)

The carbohydrate matrix is composed of 4 carbohydrate sources with different glycaemic properties. Due to their different structures, they have different absorption rates relative to each other and therefore different effects on blood glucose levels. Cluster Dextrin™ in this product is a cyclic dextrin with multiple branched chains. Palatinose™ (isomaltulose) is a low glycaemic value disaccharide composed of a molecule of fructose and a molecule of glucose with an alpha-1,6-glycosidic bond. Maltodextrin and starch are made up of a chain with fewer branches and longer glucose units.

The carbohydrates in the product contribute to the maintenance of normal brain function** and are involved in the recovery of normal muscle function (contraction) following high intensity and/or prolonged exercise leading to muscle fatigue and depletion of skeletal muscle glycogen stores.***.

Creatine is added in the form of the trademarked Creapure® creatine monohydrate. Creatine enhances physical performance during short, sequential, high-intensity exercise.**** The mechanism by which creatine exerts its beneficial effects is that, following daily consumption of creatine, an increase in creatine phosphate stores in muscle cells increases the rate of ATP regeneration after intense muscle contractions. (4)

The plant extracts in the product are represented by Coleus forskohlii extract, standardised for the active ingredient forskolin, oat (Avena sativa) extract, balsam pear (Momordica charantia) extract, BioPerine® black pepper (Piper nigrum) extract and proteolytic (protein-degrading) plant enzymes bromelain and papain.

Vitamins and minerals have been added to the product. Among the minerals, zinc and magnesium are contained in the form of chelates with glycine from organic sources.

  • Magnesium contributes to the reduction of fatigue and tiredness, the maintenance of electrolyte balance and normal muscle function.
  • pantothenic acid is involved in normal energy production processes and contributes to normal mental performance.
  • magnesium, niacin and folate contribute to the reduction of fatigue and tiredness and to the maintenance of normal psychological function.
  • chromium is involved in the normal metabolism of macronutrients and contributes to the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels.
  • Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal blood testosterone levels and normal immune function.

*Protein contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass and the maintenance of normal bone structure.
**This beneficial effect is achieved with a daily intake of 130 g of carbohydrates from all sources.
***This effect can be achieved with a total intake of 4 g/kg bodyweight of carbohydrate from any source, to be consumed in several portions within the first four hours, but not more than six hours, after high intensity and/or prolonged exercise leading to muscle fatigue and depletion of skeletal muscle glycogen stores.
**** The beneficial effect is achieved with a daily intake of 3 g of creatine.

Myomax Hardcore is recommended:

  • Women and men who regularly engage in high intensity physical activity.
  • For people who are active in high-energy sports with high levels of intense physical activity and who want to supplement their daily protein and carbohydrate intake with a multifunctional product.
  • Those looking for a product with a protein content that contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass*.
  • For those looking to supplement their balanced and varied diet with vitamins and minerals.
  • For those who like drinks that can be prepared and consumed quickly.
  • For those who want a product with a complex composition in a “hearty” portion.


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Mix 1 portion (140 grams = 3 + 1/3 scoop = 9 heaped tablespoons) of the product with 500 ml of water in a mixing bottle. Consume 1 serving per day, preferably after training (or half a serving before training, half a serving after training).

Do not exceed the recommended consumption amount! Keep the product out of the reach of small children. The food supplement is not a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The consumption of the product is not recommended in the case of known underlying diseases and medication. It is not recommended for children under 18 years of age and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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AED 472.50

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