Protein Pudding

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Gourmet dessert with casein and whey proteins

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What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word pudding? The famous gourmet dessert that makes you feel guilty even after the very first bite. However we believe that a real functional food, like our PROTEIN PUDDING, should contain more of an important ingredient, this product is rich in protein. In order to improve the nutritional value of our sport dessert we added two extra high-quality protein sources (Casein and Whey).

Proteins contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, and also to the maintenance of normal bones!* There is no added sugar in this formula!.


Use a shaker to mix 1 serving (40 g) of powder with 250 ml water and shake vigorously until it thickens. Then pour it into a bowl, take a spoon and eat it after or in place of one of your meals. Chilled pudding is even more pleasant! Consume within 2 days, store at 4°C!

Supplement Facts:

Serving size: 40,00 g | 1 scoop
Number of servings: 1 (40g)/10 (400 g)


Calories632 kJ / 150 kcal1 579 kJ / 374 kcal

Fat2,10 g3%5,30 g

of which saturated1,5 g7%3,7 g

Carbohydrates2,60 g1%6,60 g

Sugar1,5 g2%3,8 g

Protein29,00 g58%72,00 g

Salt0,27 g4%0,67 g
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Protein Pudding

AED 126.00

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